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Hi, I'm


Hey there! My name is Eli, and welcome to my little corner of the internet. It's pretty small as is, but I've got plans to change that. I'd go into my interests and hobbies, but that's what the header is for!

If you've seen me around, you probably recognise me from one of three places:

  • A regular in a twitch streamer's chat community.
  • The host for multiple osu! tournaments
  • Those two videos I did with SunlessKhan

If you recognise me from somewhere else, Welcome! I'd love to know where you know me from!

Why clxxiii?

clxxiii is a username I've had for nearly a decade now. And the reason I've stuck with it is because it holds a special relation to my real name.

As you've probably already googled by now, clxxiii is roman numerals for 173. If you write 173 on a calculator, or a piece of paper, it says 173. That looks a hell-of-a-lot like ELI, which just so happens to be my name!

How can I make a website that looks like yours?

I'm glad you like the look of it!

Basically everything I've learned about front-end design I've learned from YouTube, documentation, or just looking at other peoples code. My CS courses took too long to start covering front-end, so I decided to learn it myself!



Contact Me!

None of the socials suit your fancy? Send me a message directly from here!